1. Brand new household items Vases, Torrevieja, Spain


    Ref: ND74

    Glass and ceramic vases.

    €1 - 25
  2. Brand new household items Bathroom Sets, Torrevieja, Spain

    Bathroom Sets

    Ref: ND105

    Variety of bathroom sets in different colors and styles!

    Priced between:


    €1.90 - 8.50
  3. Brand new household items Mirrors , Torrevieja, Spain


    Ref: ND71

    Brand New – Mirrors - Various sizes/Designs

    Location: New Department

    €2.70 - €79
  4. Brand new household items Home Fragrance, Torrevieja, Spain

    Home Fragrance

    Ref: ND147

    Brand New - Range of Air Fresheners!

    Location - New Department 


    Priced between:

    €0.90 - 19.50
  5. Brand new household items T-light and candle holders, Torrevieja, Spain

    T-light and candle holders

    Ref: ND75

    Candle and t-light holders

    €1 - 25
  6. Brand new household items Cleaning Items, Torrevieja, Spain

    Cleaning Items

    Ref: ND142

    Brand New - Range of Household Cleaning Items!

    Location - New Department 


    Priced between:

    €.70 - 3.20
  7. Brand new household items Bathmats, Torrevieja, Spain


    Ref: ND42

    Brand New - Bath Mats - Various Designs - Many Colours

    Location: New Department


    Priced between:

    €8 - €14.50
  8. Brand new household items Wax Melts and Oil Burners, Torrevieja, Spain

    Wax Melts and Oil Burners

    Ref: ND151

    Brand New - Range of Scented Candles, Wax Melts and Oil Burners!

    Location - New Department 


    Priced between:

    €1 - 11.50
  9. Brand new household items Mops and Brushes, Torrevieja, Spain

    Mops and Brushes

    Ref: ND144

    Brand New - Mops, Brushes, Broom Handles and Accessories!

    Location - New Department 


    Priced between:

    €1 - 15
  10. Brand new household items Coat Stands, Torrevieja, Spain

    Coat Stands

    Ref: ND138

    Brand New - Modern Tall Coat Stands available in Black, White, Brown and Silver!

    Location - New Department 


    Priced at:

  11. Brand new household items Lanterns, Torrevieja, Spain


    Ref: ND110

    Variety of Decorative Lanterns in a range of styles and sizes!


    Priced between:

    €3.50 - 12.50
  12. Brand new household items Soap Dispensers, Torrevieja, Spain

    Soap Dispensers

    Ref: ND106

    Range of Soap Dispensers in a variety of styles and colors!


  13. Brand new household items Bathroom Scales, Torrevieja, Spain

    Bathroom Scales

    Ref: ND81

    Both Mechanical and Digital scales available!



    Priced between:

    €7 - €11.80
  14. Brand new household items Shower Curtains, Torrevieja, Spain

    Shower Curtains

    Ref: ND30

    Shower Curtains

    Variety of colors and designs available!




    Priced between:

    €5.50 - 9.50
  15. Brand new household items Light Bulbs, Torrevieja, Spain

    Light Bulbs

    Ref: ND40

    Brand New - Light Bulbs/Spanish/UK - Batteries - Adaptors - Extension Leads - Rodent Repellent  

    Location: New Department

    Priced between:

    €0.80 - €3.60